Below are the Rules & Regulations extracted from our Residential Lease.

1. If the Tenant(s) should have the misfortune of bringing in a start of roaches or any other pest, it is the Tenant(s) responsibility to pay for the removal of same in a manner acceptable to the Landlord.

2. Disposable type baby diapers, tampons and sanitary wipes are not to be flushed in the toilet.

3. Cooking and waste greases are not allowed to be poured down drains or in the toilet.

4. Electrical space heaters are not to be used.

5. Air conditioning units are not to be used unless written permission is granted by the Landlord.

6. It is the Tenant(s) responsibility to replace any non working light bulbs with one of its similar size.

7. No light Bulbs larger than 75 watts will be used in any way in your unit, also do not put a larger wattage light bulb where specified lower wattage to be.

8. All lights are to be turned off when the Tenant(s) leaves their unit. Night lights of low wattage are acceptable if under supervision of the Tenant(s).

9. Tenant(s) will not leave any personal belongings on lawns, walks, drives or in public halls.

10. No liquor or beverages of an intoxicating nature or tendency are to be sold on the said Premises or drinking in excess on neither the said Premises, nor any gambling or any immoral practices are allowed on the said Premises.

11. Tenant(s) will not do anything to disturb their neighbors including the playing of a musical instrument, radio television or stereo system at excessive levels or having loud parties on the said Premises.

12. No locks on the said Premises are permitted to be changed without the written consent of the Landlord.

13. Tenant(s) will not litter in or on the grounds of the said Premises.

14. Tenant(s) will not install or have installed any new wiring or objects on either interior or exterior without permission from the Landlord.

15. Tenant(s) agree that the Landlord may change these regulations with proper notice as may be required to protect the property and or add to the Tenant(s) enjoyment of it.

16. Tenant(s) will use the Premises only; will not conduct any business in or from their Premises; will obey all laws, ordinances, and health regulations; and will do nothing that may injure the reputation or condition of the building or its owner. Solicitation of any kind, by guests or Tenant(s), is prohibited at all times.

17. Tenant(s) will not do anything or keep anything in or about the Premises that in any way will increase the risk of fire or that may conflict with fire or insurance regulations.

18. Tenant(s) are responsible for the behavior of any and all of their guests, visitors, and invitees. Such persons may not break Tenant(s)' Residential Lease or these Rules and Regulations. Tenant(s) are responsible to pay any damages or clean-up resulting from the conduct of their guests, visitors, and invitees.

19. Except for there controls in Tenant(s)' Premises, intended for Tenant(s)' use, Tenant(s) will not operate any other controls relating to the Premises's utility services without the expressed, written, prior approval of Landlord. This includes but is not limited to heating and air conditioning, water and sewer, gas, electric (including lighting), elevators, laundry, or other equipment, and Tenant(s) will not enter the boiler/furnace room.

20. Tenant(s) will not obstruct entrances, public areas, hallways, or other corridors, stairs, exits, elevators, lobbies, driveways, parking areas, walks, or fire places.

21. Tenant(s) will not drive any nails or screws into walls, floors, tiles, ceilings, woodwork, or partitions; will not drill holes or fasten any article on any part of the Premises, or damage or deface the same. Pictures may be hung, provided that only small size "a" type "Bulldog" type hangers or push pins are used. Use of tape, glue, or adhesive tape is not permitted. Nothing, including clothes, towels, pictures, or any other item, shall be hung from ceilings, pipes, sprinklers, or any other fixture on the Premises.

22. Unless modified by the Residential Lease, animals are not allowed at any time, under any circumstance, except for legally authorized guide dogs or written approval from Landlord.

23. Tenant(s) will not add or in anyway change locks or keying.

24. No furnishings may be taken from the Premises and put in halls, basement, or on porches or balconies without prior consent of Landlord, even for limited times. No blinds, shades, or screens shall be attached to, hung in, or used in connection with any window or door of the Premises without prior written consent from Landlord.

25. Tenant(s) will not varnish, paint, paper, or otherwise decorate any walls, floors, doors, woodwork, or cabinets without prior written permission of Landlord. All restoration costs (even if decoration was with permission) will be at Tenant(s)' expense, but must be supervised by Landlord.

26. No vehicle or bicycle shall obstruct a drive or in any way interfere with others' access thereto, nor shall they be parked on lawns, shrubberies, patios, walkways, or lawn extensions. Bicycles may not be brought into the Premises without prior consent of Landlord. Vehicles shall not be repaired, lubricated, or washed on driveways or in parking areas of the Premises. Any vehicle of Tenant(s) or of Tenant(s)' guests or invitees that leak oil or hydraulic fluid (which damage black top) must be removed, and Tenant(s) is responsible for any clean up (including environmental cleanup and repair).

27. Tenant(s) will act responsibly to conserve water and energy, and will report running toilets and faucets to Landlord for service. Tenant(s) will not make unreasonable use of heat, leave windows open during cold weather, or leave televisions or other permitted devices on unattended. Tenant(s) will not remove screens and/or storm windows, even briefly.

28. Tenant(s) will not install any aerial or antenna, and they will not erect or use any radio transmitters in the Premises without both appropriate filters and prior written permission from Landlord.

29. Tenant(s) will use toilets, tubs, and sinks only for their primary purpose and will never use them to dispose of sweepings, rubbish, rags, garbage, sanitary napkins, or other items likely to clog them. Tenant(s) are liable to pay for any expense it incurs for repairing damage (including unclogging toilets and drains) caused by Tenant(s), their guests, and invitees.

30. Tenant(s) will keep/store any personal property only in their Premises or in such space as Landlord may assign them in writing, but storage of kerosene, gasoline, or other flammable or explosive agents is always prohibited. Landlord is not responsible for any items left in the Premises at the end of the Residential Lease term.

31. Trash and garbage (including recyclables) always shall be placed in the trash and recycle containers provided by Landlord, and container lids, if any, must be kept tightly closed at all times. In a single family home (including Premises of duplexes), Tenant(s) will put their trash cans and recycle bins curbside fir the City's scheduled pick-up, and will return cans and bins to their normal non curbside location the same day.

32. Tenant(s) will perform reasonable housekeeping in their Premises to maintain them in a clean, neat, and sanitary condition.

33. Unless expressly permitted by Landlord in writing, Tenant(s) shall not display any signs, flags, pennants, placards, advertisements, notices, pictures, ornaments, stickers, handbills, or other lettering so as to be visible on the outside of the building or the Premises.

34. Tenant(s) will never go on the roof for any reason.

35. Waterbeds and weight lifting equipment are prohibited at all times. Air conditioners, microwave or other ovens, space heaters, hot plates, washers, dryers, and refrigerators beyond those supplied by Landlord are prohibited without prior written permission of Landlord.

36. Lofts in the Premises are prohibited.

37. Smoking is not permitted at any time in the building, including entrances, driveways, all grounds, and including the Premises.

38. Tenant(s) will not remove batteries from smoke detectors or in any other way disarm tem.

39. Possession, sale, or use of any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia in or on the Premises is prohibited.

40. Landlord provides light bulbs for all fixtures at the beginning of the Residential Lease term. Tenant(s) will replace light bulbs in all light fixtures in the Premises during the Residential Lease term, and will leave working light bulbs in all light fixtures at the end of the Residential Lease.

41. Possessing, using, or storing lethal weapons anywhere in the building is prohibited. "Lethal weapon" is defined as any deadly weapon which, from the manner used is calculated or likely to produce death or serious bodily injury. This includes, but is not limited to: all firearms, hunting knives, switchblades, bows and arrows, machetes, or other knives.

42. Maintenance requests shall be submitted to Landlord (writing is preferred). Specifics of the problem, to the extent possible, shall be included in the request. Tenant(s) are strictly liable to reimburse Landlord for repair of any damage caused by violation of these Rules by Tenant(s) or by their guests.