Below is information on applying for an apartment, home or business for Lease

All applicants agree to pay the non-refundable Application Fee of $25.00 for the first adult and $10.00 for any additional adults before the Application Process can be started. (Business Application Fee is $125.00)

Application Approvals are based on a combination of or primarily:

Credit Reporting

Landlord References

Employment References

Personal References

Other Obtainable Information

Down Payments: You are entitled to place money down to hold a unit for your occupancy. The amount you place down determines the amount of time the unit will be on hold for you. (Ask About "Down Paymentr") Placing a unit on hold does not guarantee you will be the occupying tenant, it simply states that your application will be considered and processed primarily for that proposed unit.

Please Submit your Fully Completed & Signed Application along with:

1. Copy of every Applicants Drivers License.

2. Copy of every Applicants Social Security Card.

3. Copy of every Applicants 2 Most Recent Paycheck Stubs.

4. Copy of other information that may help us with our decision Examples:(letter of recommendation, additional references)

Payment Must be made on all Applicants before processing may begin: (See Top of Page for Details)

1. You may send your Application and Payment by mail to:

Rent Me Properties
PO BOX 1994
Jackson, MI 49204

2. You may also drop off your Application and Payment in person. See the "Office/Mail Info." page for office location.

3. Your Application may be faxed to us and payment sent by mail or other method. This can get your Application to us for preliminary review while awaiting Payment for processing.

Rent Me Properties
Fax# 517-905-6200

4. You may also Email your Application. See top selection below for this option.

We do accept payment by credit card, you must call us to provide card information. See the "Reach Us Quickly" page for office location.

There are a 2 ways to obtain a Rental Application:

Complete Application in "PDF" Format and Email

Print Application in "PDF" Format and Deliver in Person or by Mail

Click here if you are in need of Adobe Reader to view PDF files.